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>> you don't carry a wallet. you carry a clip. i carry a wallet. >> baby! >> don't try to trap him in a trick question>> first off, it's none of your business. i don't ask you where you send your kids to school. >> new jersey governor chris christie not holding anything back. to "fox & friends" starts right now. >> starts today at 1:16 this afternoon. >> really? >> yes indeed. >> i get so excited about the beginning of summer. you'd think i have the whole summer off like my kids.
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how happy i am. >> we haven't told mom that you don't get it off. we'll get you a lifeguard jacket. >> she loves summer. she's just giddy like a school girl, cold stone creamery which has locations coast to coast is giving ice cream away in front of our world headquarters. if you're hungry at 6:00 a.m. for ice cream, drop by today. >> i have news for you, cold stone, also, if you tip them, will sing. correct? that's right. come down, give them a tip and they'll sing for you. >> can i tip them not to sing? is that my option? >> you can do that. >> you should hear them. they're great. by the conclusion of today's program, you will hear them. it's going to cost you. >> start paying them for it. look at the headlines this morning, everybody. extreme weather alert. amazing new video out of central nebraska. meteorologist brandon ivy from the tv show "storm chasers" getting extreme. look at that thing! funnel cloud ripping right through york county. right now, the national weather
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service is working to confirm how many twisters touched down in that area. winds were so powerful, they blew the wall off of that home. look at that! miraculously, the only injuries that were reported there were minor. glad to report that. all right and here's the new video into the newsroom from atlanta where a delta flight had to make an emergency landing. the plane had just taken off for los angeles when the pilot radioed he had an engine problem and needed to come back to airport. the ane landed safely. the airline is not confirming what the trouble was at this point. witnesses reported seeing fire crews spraying the engine with water. all right. president obama will announce his plans for withdrawing troops from afghanistan in a big speech that will happen tomorrow. reports say that the president has not made a final decision on how many troops to withdraw. he reportedly is considering everything from withdrawing just 5,000 troops next month, that's the lowest side of the estimate to an aggressive plan that would withdraw all 30,000 surge troops
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in 2012. coming up in 10 minutes, we'll go live to afghanistan and talk to colonel oliver north about that. and while you were sleeping, new york congressman anthony weiner's resignation became official. he's been out of a job since midnight. >> what happened? >> we'll fill you in in the break. his 14 years in congress ending with a short letter to new york governor and secretary of state house speaker john boehner. and minority leader nancy pelosi. all of them c.c.ed everybody. >> i had no idea! >> but as soon as it was submitted, an unhappy signature. his staff started moving out. remember just the other day he was standing outside of there sort of orchestrating the press. tourists have been taking pictures and seeing young girls in his sign on the door snapping cell phone video pictures of it. >> don't we have a wax museum they could go to instead? do they have to go to weiner's door? >> i mean, i'm not sure. >> i will say this, i feel bad for the staff. what do they do?
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they're working hard. working 20 hours a day for very little money and now they're out a job with an hour's notice. >> he told them nothing either. he lied to them and told them they didn't have to worry about anything. >> let's talk about what's going on in the world of politics and the president of the united states last night was busy. he was at the mandarin oriental hotel in washington, d.c. for his 29th and 30th fundraisers. keep in mind, he's trying to raise a billion dollars. last time, in 2008, he had 745 million. he wants to outdo that. unfortunately for him, a whole bunch of fat cats as he has referred to them during the height of the bailout and what not, they've taken a look at his record over the last 2 1/2 years and said you know what? i don't think we're going to be backing him this time. >> president obama has had 30 fundraisers and president bush in the same period had three. because you would think they would be too busy governing to be raising money at that same rate. also, you got to figure --
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>> are you saying he's done 10 times the number of fundraisers in the same period of time? >> i don't know, let's do the math on that. let me get the calculator out on that, i would say yes. >> president obama instead of having promises and hope and change, he has a hard record to move forward and if some of those big companies said hey, i loved that he saved the economy and loved he kept it out of a depression, they will cough up the money and he'll get his billion dollars. >> he really will. he fell out of the good graces of wall street and wall street cozied up to the president in a big way and then two years into it, you started seeing people like jamie diamond meeting john boehner for lunch in washington and saying what kind of deal would you guys be able to offer us for a more friendly environment for business? so it's been tricky. >> and one of the things -- it looks like as if the president will have two more fundraisers this week in new york city. my big concern, though, is with all these fundraisers, when is he going to have time to golf?
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>> that's true. up to 70. 71. >> all right. here's another story we want to bring to you this morning. the atf director is expected to resign now over this whole fast and furious program that has been such a big issue. darrell issa has brought this whole situation to the forefronts. let's listen to this piece of sound from the atf agent that says director melson has lost control of that agency. let's listen to this. >> atf management is now run by people who never had the right to carry an atf badge or a gun. they've advised ken melson and he has completely lost control of this federal agency and he's allowed his subordinates to completely run wild with no accountability. and now he's defending all their bad actions. >> obviously, the issue here is the death of many people including border agent brian terry who is believed to have been killed with one of these guns that was brought across the border as part of this fast and
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furious program that was supposed to sort of follow these guns that were sold in the u.s. and see where they led in mexico and the drug cartels in order to -- >> track down the network. >> and it's really backfired. >> the problem is they have not been able to confirm any atf director because of partisan bickering because of where you stand on gun rights since 2006 so everything is acting director and you got people in this case it seems that are ill equipped to run that orpganization. darrell issa will be joining us later to tell us what his investigation unveiled. clearly, the justice department is upset and the attorney general will be interviewing a new acting director, that will be maybe later on today and maybe putting in place in chicago. >> there he is right there and this was not a little program. i mean, they are estimating that 2,000 semiautomatic rifles wound up in the hands of the drug cartels over there. what genius dreamed up this program? ron paul is running for president says this. the atf has a long history of
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abusing our second amendment rights. my hope is that the recent hearing will further expose the atf's and attorney general eric holder's assaults on law abiding gun owners. and more people will start questioning the need for unconstitutional agencies like the atf that exist solely to infringe on american citizens' god given right to keep and bear arms. >> you said it exactly like ron paul. that's the most i've heard from him in a while. >> incredible. say good night everybody? you want to read that part, too? >> one of the things, martha and i live in new jersey. you were in new jersey yesterday where your truck broke down. >> almost. >> i should have lived in new jersey over the weekend, i went back and forth twice but my transmission stayed there but the good news is as a loaner, i got a chevy volt so i plugged in my card last night. >> it worked out good. it was on a dimmer, my whole house. i got to tell you, i've seen governor christie mad a few times. let's add this to the top of the list in terms of the angriest
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he's been, i think, one of the -- one of the questions from a certain gayle constituent over in new jersey. do you know a gayle in new jersey? >> your number. >> sure. mr. christie was appearing on the show, a show on a whole bunch of new jersey television and radio stations and the -- apparently, it was a real fun roll i canning int rolicking interview until the end and this gayle asked a question on tape, why does the governor of new jersey feel comfortable cutting the school budgets while he sends his own children to private schools. here's his response. >> you don't send your children to public schools. you send them to private schools. so i was wondering why you think it's nar to be cutting school funding to public schools? >> what's her name? >> what's her name, guys? real quick, the governor is talking. >> what is it? gayle. >> talk to gayle. >> first off, it's none of your business. i don't ask you where you send your kids to school. don't bother me where i send
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mine. i spend $38,000 for property taxes for a public school system predominantly that my wife and i don't choose to utilize. we believe, we've decided as parents that we believe a religious education should be part of our children's everyday education. so we send our children to parochial school. third, i as governor am responsible for every child in this state. not just my own and the decisions i make are try to improve the educational opportunities of every child in this state so with all due respect, gayle, it's none of your business. >> wow. i love that. i'm sorry, straight out of the gut. what's her name? i sort of felt like i was standing on the sidelines of a game where, you know, it's a couple of -- >> about to get -- >> parents who got in trouble. no, he doesn't mess around and he could be joking one minute and you know what, gayle? and what do you think about it? >> it's a great answer, by the way, it's a great answer because -- >> it is a great answer. >> and very telling answer because he revealed in it -- keep in mind, in new jersey we
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have the highest property taxes in the united states of america. the reason they're high is in large part to support the schools. we have great schools. he revealed he pays $38,000 a year in property taxes, thank goodness he pays a lot more than i do. and rather than send his kids to a good school in his town, he's sending them to private schools but it was -- >> good answer. >> absolutely. >> because he says i'm not going to avoid the schools. i want to add the religious component. >> and also, i mean, with every increasing dollar that the education costs have risen in new jersey the overall test scores have fallen. whether or not you're throwing enough money at the problem isn't necessarily the issue in new jersey and whats your name? >> don't yell at me. i'm starting to break out. still to come on this show, a late addition, senator john mccain under heavy fire for saying illegal immigrants might be responsible for burning arizona. was he off base? we'll nail down the facts with him. >> that's right. >> and the making of the mug shot. actor jerry o'connell re-creates
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>> bad news, more bad news expected in the housing market again today. existing home sales in may are likely to fall well below analysts' expectations there despite record low prices and great mortgage rates out there, so is as the housing market continues to tank, is your home still your safest, big e, most important investment in your
6:16 am
portfolio? stuart varney is here to tell us a resounding no. >> no, times are changing. attitudes are shifting. for generations, you buy a a home and watch your money grow and you get a tax break on it. well, times have changed because prices, home values are down by 1/3 in the last five years and the number of homes being sold has now slipped to, they are down 33%. that's a legitimate number. down 1/3. we've never seen this since the great depression of the 1930's. now we're seeing it. home prices are going to fall some more. we're not buying homes. we're going to get numbers today that show the total number of homes sold in this year will be below 5 million. the last number says 5.1 million. that was the annualized rate last month. figures today for the latest month will show under 5 million. 2 million fewer than in the great days of 2005-2006 and around there.
6:17 am
>> you know what, stuart in, the beginning when this whole thing started going downhill, everybody was talking about you know what? now i owe more on my mortgage than the house is worth. but now we're talking about people who have bought their house years and years ago. they thought it was up here? it's down here. >> yep. even if you bought your home 10 full years ago and you put your money down and you saw it grow a little bit, because prices are so far down, you may well have been wiped out. your equity stake, the money, you may have been wiped out even after 10 years. >> what you're saying is i know you aren't getting into the advice portion of business but if you were right now feel as though it doesn't look like a good investment, hold tight, correct? don't panic. >> well, put it like this. if you bought a house today for $100,000 and you put $80,000 -- you put $20,000 down, how do you know that one year from now that house will be worth $80,000? >> it will be 60. >> could be. and you've lost the $20,000 that
6:18 am
you've put in. >> don't people tell you where the floor is? >> there's no such thing. >> catching a falling knife. >> unfortunately, yes. >> you know, when you look at your housing investment, you know, how do you sort of measure it in terms of whether or not it's worth it at all at this point for young people who are looking to buy a home, it depends on your investment horizon, i guess. >> let me get into the advice business. i would definitely tell young people get out there and buy, please. this is still the american dream. it's still better to own the place in which you live. you got an ownership stake and you feel different about it and you get the tax break, all right? to me, it makes sense for young people to get out and buy if they can. prices have never been lower. mortgage rates have never been lower. >> that's the silver lining to this. >> yes. you have to buy it and hold that thing for 10 years. >> very quick question before i let you go. are they going to do another sort of bailout for foreclosures and how much does that prevent us from hitting a bottom in this market? another billion dollars, right? >> one more billion dollars
6:19 am
announced late yesterday. it would go to help 30,000 unemployed homeowners make their mortgage payments for the next two years. that's a billion dollars helping just 30,000. >> how do you choose that 30? we'll watch varney & company at 9:20 at which time we'll hear about -- >> we'll have the ironworkers union president from the state of new jersey who supports chris christie in forcing the unions into retreat. >> right. let's hope gayle is watching. >> all right. >> thank you very much, mr. varney. >> thank you, young man. >> next up on the rundown, real news ripped from dumb and dumber. >> hey, want to hear the most annoying sound in the world? >> yeah. turns out there's something even more annoying than that sound. we'll tell you what it is. >> the sound of stuart leaving? and consumer confidence at an all time low so is there anything that the president can do to fix the economy? up next, a closer look at consumer confidence throughout
6:20 am
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>> quick headlines now. look at this video. it's hard to believe that eight people survived this fiery plane crash in russia. 44 people, though, were killed. russian plane was trying to land in heavy fog but came up short of the runway and slammed into a highway that broke apart and exploded into a fireball and an autopsy under way to see if booze played a part in jackass star ryan dunne's death. the 34-year-old was killed in a car crash outside of philly. while speed may have been a factor, we know that, the actor
6:24 am
tweeted this picture of himself drinking and doing shots before the crash. steve? >> one other person was killed as well. meanwhile, consumer confidence is at an all time low for 2011. a sign of slow job growth and declines on wall street. but what does it mean for our current economy? >> our own james rosen has a closer look at this. let's take a look. >> martha and steve, good morning. to understand consumer confidence is in a sense to have your finger on the pulse of the american economy. y2k, the dawn of a new millennium and also according to data the peak of american consumer confidence with the 144.7 posted in january of 2000, highest measurement ever of this crucial statistic since economists first developed it in 1967. >> so they asked consumers various questions about how they stand right now, how they think the economy is going in the future, everybody is kind of
6:25 am
gloomy about the future, people don't spend. they don't invest. they don't take risks, then the economy is likely to remain on a slow growth or even a recession path. >> gallup surveys this month found consumer confidence hitting a new low for the year, a reflection, analysts said of dismal job growth and wall street decline. president obama cited still another factor, high gasoline prices. >> it has an enormous impact on family budgets and on the psychology of consumers. >> the consumer confidence is a function of psychology quite literally all in the mind of the average consumer, leads economists to differ over how directly a president of the united states can affect it. >> a lot of presidents try to do this right when they talk about how they're going to invest in our country, how they're going to invest in our roads and education and i think for a while, it actually worked. people liked this idea. but i actually think that people are like they understand nothing ever good comes out of it. >> knowing a lot of people argue that franklin roosevelt did, he made the speech, the only thing
6:26 am
we have to fear is fear itself. he's a man who if you see the clips projects a lot of confidence. i think ronald reagan projecteded a lot of confidence. >> across ronald reagan's presidency, consumer confidence rose by 41%, the best showing for any chief executive since 1967. the steepest plunge came after the tumultuous month of october 1973 which brought the nixon impeachment drive and watergate, the yom kippur war and the oil embargo. by then, consumer confidence had shrunk by more than a third. after 9/11, it fell over 2 1/2% and quickly rebounded. >> business confidence appears to be flagging. a "wall street journal" survey of companies conducted in march found that 67% saying they plan to cut at least some spending allocated for business development. reporting from washington, james rosen, fox news. steve and martha? >> interesting stuff. james, thank you. >> thank you, james. nbc is getting hammered for taking "under god" out of the pledge of allegiance on national tv. tucker carlson used to work for
6:27 am
the network and will tell us exactly why he thinks that might have happened and why it probably won't be the last time it happens. >> and then we go live to afghanistan. is the president's plan for withdrawal going to work? how are our troops on the front lines reacting? >> first, happy birthday to prince william today! he turned 29. seems to be enjoying married life with his kate middleton. >> hello, good morning. [ female announcer ] now at red lobster a complete four course seafood feast for $15. start with soup then have salad and biscuits followed by 1 of 7 delicious entrees
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6:32 am
>> i brought a little green screen backdrop here. this is a very peaceful place. when you are taking a mug shot when you're being processed as part of our justice system. >> jerry o'connell as mr. edwards. >> that video posted on edwards is awaiting trail on charges that he used campaign money to cover up his affair. you saw where he literally was combing his hair for 12 minutes. >> ♪ i feel pretty i have a question for you, kind of a quiz. you two already know the answer. >> we won't play. >> what do you think is the most annoying sound in the world? i was thinking about it, i think the dentist's drill is really annoying. or a buzz saw, really annoying. however, those two answers not accurate. you know what is? >> want to take a look?
6:33 am
>> whining. >> whining like this. >> can i help you? >> some dirt bag, dirt bag from the attorney general's office has dared to mention the word jail! >> somebody call the whaaambulance! >> what did you say? >> whiners. they did this study and they had people do math problems while there was -- there were all different kinds of sounds behind it and people seemed to make the most mistakes while somebody was whining next to them. so they have surmised that whining is the most annoying sound out there. >> they say it doesn't matter if you're a man or woman, you're equally annoyed with the whining, you know, i know there's -- i've never seen that movie and now i don't want to. there's too much whining in it. >> there you go. >> you know what sound i like?
6:34 am
when a blackberry is too close to another electronic item and it goes -- you know that sound? look at some of the headlines this morning. later this morning, former utah governor john huntsman will make it official. he already basically told us last week but he is, hello, running for president. the announcement is expected around 10:00 eastern at liberty state park in new jersey. what a great place to too that. he brings a unique background to the presidential field. for starters was president obama's ambassador to china and known as a moderate. he is the son of a billionaire and was a successful utah governor. we'll hear from him later this morning. >> very similar to your bio, steve. arizona senator john mccain feeling the heat after saying this about the wildfires in his state. "there's substantial evidence that some of these fires have been caused by people who have crossed our border illegally. the answer to that part of the problem is getting a secure border." mccain is standing by his statement but legal rights
6:35 am
advocates say he's using illegals as scapegoats. they are not saying who these humans are. so what is senator mccain saying now? we'll find out in one hour from now. he supplied that head shot and allowed us to book him. >> meanwhile, an update on the story of delta airlines slapping u.s. soldiers returning from afghanistan with extra baggage fees. remember that? >> we had actually to end up paying out of pocket, our own money to allow that whole stack to be taken. >> how much did our unit end up paying out of pocket? >> over $2,800. >> ouch! now a california congressman wants to make sure that never happens again. republican jeff denim calling commercial airlines to waive baggage fees for all u.s. troops deployed. airlines to keep charging troops would risk losing their government contracts which can be very lucrative. >> here's steve's favorite story of the day. dressing sexy to visit your locked up hubby? you can forget about it. at one new york prison now,
6:36 am
rikers island officials say we are fed up with women showing up in mini skirts and tight tops and ripped jeans to visit your incarcerated spouse. ok? from now on, visitors will have to change into a
6:37 am
>> as you can see right there, widely scattered thunderstorms across portions of the northern plains. and we saw earlier in some of the video that that is the storm system that spawned those twisters that martha showed us earlier. some widely scattered showers that poured into the ohio valley into pennsylvania at this hour. for the most part, much of dixieland is nice and dry. current readings as you step out the door, already warmish in dixieland. 77 right now with humidity. later on today, downright hot across much of texas. look at that. that's their high temperatures. all right. mr. kilmeade, let's talk about the president. >> right. steve, you let me in beautifully. since you read president obama, i'll skip to the next line. he's going to have a major address and it's going to be on wednesday. that's tomorrow. biggest question -- how many troops will be withdrawn from afghanist
6:38 am
afghanistan? joining us from camp eggars in afghanistan, oliver north in the war zone again. colonel, what's the draw down announcement mean for our troops who ironically are standing right next to you? >> brian, one of those -- actually these two gentlemen standing on either side of me are the ones responsible for making sure that we can withdraw whatever number the president sets tomorrow. colonel casy right here standing beside me and his counterpart are the ones that field the afghan national security forces. just give us a sense for what your mission has been like out here. >> this is the consolidated center and what we do is build and deploy new afghan national army units into the afghan national security forces so what the center does here is we man, equipment, train, validate and then deploy down into the afghan national army corps additional new units that they can use for combat power and security forces. >> your counterpart here.
6:39 am
>> this is colonel dower, the commander of the afghan national army consolidated center. >> there's a lot of talk back in the united states about withdrawing american troops, some of them coming out. are your soldiers ready to fight? e >> according to the guidance of chief of staff and ministry of defense of afghanistan and president hamid karzai, we are all ready for any type of takeover with all of our soldiers. >> and brian, i will tell you this. i've seen it with my own eyes and we're going to see a lot more of that over the course of the next two weeks, these are troops who are ready to fight. >> now, colonel, such great perspective. the afghans have got to take this country back and, of
6:40 am
course, an officer there training them. colonel, i got to ask you -- there's a state -- secretary of state gates says modest withdrawal. 5,000 troops
6:41 am
>> how many afghans are ready to hold the areas in the south and the east? how many do you think we legitimately have to turn over to? >> well, i think you've got -- certainly in the corps in the south and in the far north and the units -- in fact, this unit right behind us right now is going up to the north and they've got units down in the south that we'll be with here later in the week and we'll show you how ready they are to fight and let the american people --
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>> hey, glad you're up. some quick headlines now. we know about dot-com and dot-net, right? what about dot fox news, starting next year, companies can apply to have their web sites changed to better match their brand. this is fantastic. almost any word can be used. the cost $185,000. i make that in an hour. and it was a real communion with nature for parishioners in north carolina who got a deer who broke through a window at a baptist church. it started running wild.
6:46 am
kids raced through the halls trying to get away from it. some ran towards it. eventually, the young buck found his way out the back front door. it turns out most deer look alike. martha dear? >> thank you very much, brian. all right. the judge in the casey anthony murder trial abruptly stopped everything and sent everybody home yesterday. he says he's losing patience with both sides in this case. look at this. >> if y'all don't want to act professional, then i will work you real for days. >> ok, could this wind up as a mistrial? fox news senior judicial analyst and host of "freedom watch" judge andrew napolitano following this trial very closely. what's going on here, judge? >> here's what happens. when each side is going to produce an expert, someone who is going to say i looked at this evidence and here's my opinion,
6:47 am
the expert has to write a report. in that report, the expert must fairly indicate what he or she is going to say on the stand and then they exchange reports so the prosecutor theoretically should know what the defense experts are going to say. yesterday morning, the defense expert began to say something that the prosecutor argued wasn't in the report. and it wasn't there. but sometimes these things happen. sometimes judges get angry because they feel that each side is playing games. they don't tell the other side what they're supposed to tell them in advance. so yesterday, he accused both sides of doing that. he accused the defense lawyers of not telling the prosecutors who was in the defense report and the prosecutors not revealing what the defense lawyers told them about the defense report, if you can follow all that so basically said take the day off for a cooling period. he's not going to declare a mistrial. you can't declare a mistrial because the lawyers are over the top. you declare a mistrial when a jury has heard something that it shouldn't have heard that it can't get out of its mind. >> two things. that sort of prevents that
6:48 am
moment in the courtroom where everyone goes we didn't know this, we're hearing some amazing piece of information from this expert witness that nobody knew. that's not supposed to happen essentially. >> right. it's also supposed to go to the judge first. think of the judge as the gatekeeper. when an expert is going to give his or her opinion, the judge hears it first and makes sure it's scientifically sound and the type of opinion that courts will allow jurors to hear. >> you're getting information that's disseminated to the jury that may be irrelevant or wrong or unsubstantiated. >> correct. >> it will be in their line of thinking whether they try to disregard it or not. >> this is what the whole case is about. nobody has been convicted of murder and sentenced to death on the basis of smell. so one of the experts in this case said i smelled death. >> he's also on a time frame. he told these folks they'd be done by the 4th of july. >> a mistake. >> is that a good idea? >> no, that's not a good idea. from having been there myself, i can tell you, things happen during the case that take time and you can't rush them. you can't rush these events. you have to let lawyers take the
6:49 am
time to do it properly. and you can't give yourself a back stop. i know he's trying to be a nice guy to the jury and most judges want to be. but this woman's life is at stake. chance to have a fair trial and it takes time to give her one. >> thank you very much. we'll watch for more on that on "freedom watch". judge andrew napolitano, there he is. weeknights at 8:00 p.m. so nbc is still not saying why "under god" got the boot from the u.s. open but tucker carlson has an explanation for us. he used to work at the network and joins us next. and then the newest way that you're going to get nickel and dimed at the airport, folks. how much you're going to have to shell out to get your boarding pass printed? >> come on! >> oh, my gosh. we'll be right back. [ bob ] i'd love to build bird houses for the rest of my life. so i've got to take care of my heart. for me cheerios is a good place to start.
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6:53 am
>> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. and to the republic for which it stands. one nation. with liberty and justice for all. >> there you heard it. nbc apologized for editing out a portion of the pledge of allegiance. they took out "under god" twice during its u.s. open broadcast. but why were the words cut in the first place? tucker carlson is the founder the daily caller web site and a fox news contributor and he used to work over at nbc. tucker, it's all part of the
6:54 am
culture over there, isn't it? >> it is. it is. i have to say, i mean, there's some really nice people over there and they were always nice to me. i enjoyed myself but it is like the old albanian politboro, everybody agrees. there is this feeling that anybody who disagrees is probably demented and certainly not one of us and the people who edited this out felt like those words are offensive. how can we put them on television? that god stuff is terrible. >> right. do you think it was just one producer or a tape editor or something like that trying to be the in-house michael new trying to scrub that reference to god? >> i think that's -- look, if you never meet with anybody who disagrees with you, it's hard to imagine that your views may be out of step with the mainstream. on the religious question over there, there aren't a lot of religious people. i mean, i remember watching an
6:55 am
nbc executive scream in a meeting at an employee for voicing pro life views about the terri schiavo story. i mean, really yelled at him in front of a lot of other people and the idea was how could you possibly believe that? that's insane. like nobody believes that. when, in fact, you know, a good half of the country agreed with him but nobody in that little world agreed at all. >> tucker, are you telling me that an executive over there yelled at an on-air anchor or host for simply voicing their own opinion? >> yes. on that story, yeah. i was in the meeting. and it was -- it was like i can't believe it. how could you say that? how could you take that position? that's just shocking and by the way, it's wrong. we're thinking, this is a parallel universe. and again, they were always nice to me and i got to be honest, i have a lot of friends over there to this day but on political matters and particularly cultural matters, it's mono chromatic. >> i know what you mean. i worked over there for 10 years. tucker, you don't think it was an accident that they edited those words out. >> no, i don't!
6:56 am
no, of course it wasn't an accident. by the way, i mean, if you're going to edit words on of the pledge, those are the only words that someone with that political point of view would edit out. no, it was entirely intentional but i think they did it in the spirit we don't want to impose these offensive words on our views because we might make people uncomfortable because that's horrifying. under god? what are you some snake handling freak? come on. >> quite a story. tucker carlson from "the daily caller". thank you, sir, for joining us live today. >> thanks, steve. >> what do you think out there in tv land? accident or on purpose? friends at or twitter. the head of the alcohol, tobacco and firearms bureau expected to get fired after american weapons wound up in the hands of murderers in mexico. man behind the investigation, congressman darrell issa, a republican from california here live and then a bank robber robs
6:57 am
a bank of just $1. he says he did it so he could get health care in prison. that desperate story coming up top of the hour. [ female announcer ] ever wish vegetables didn't taste so vegetably? well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables, plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. and try our deliciously refreshing v8 v-fusion + tea. and i can have a proposal to you within half an hour. we're a small business. with 27 of us always in the field, we have to stay connected. we use verizon tablets, smartphones. we're more responsive. there are no delays.
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7:00 am
>> good morning, everybody. it is tuesday, june 21st. i'm martha maccallum in for gretchen carlson and we begin with this fox news alert. monsterous twisters deliver another blow to america's heartland. >> coming right at us, guys! >> front row seat to the storm that pummelled the midwest. >> all right, don't fire a loaded question at governor christie. listen. >> gayle, you know what? first off, it's none of your business. i don't ask you where you send your kids to school. don't bother me about where i send mine. >> and it doesn't end there. it actually gets worse.
7:01 am
>> meanwhile, flyers, brace yourself for yet another fee. an extra charge to print your boarding pass? wait, is that an option? oh, man, the not so friendly skies. hour two for a tuesday starts right now. >> bananarama. usually i'm really connected -- >> today is the first day of summer. it is june 21st and it officially starts, i hear, today the summer solstice at 1:16 this afternoon and we've got cold stone creamery out there. >> reruns until september 5th, is that right? >> exactly. no, that's "happy days".
7:02 am
>> all right. happy summer, everybody. happy summer. >> thank you very much. not until 1:16. >> right. >> getting dressed right now, take off your suit and put on a tank top. >> wear something flimsy, it's going to be hot today. yesterday, the president's spokesperson jay carney says the president hasn't figured out yet how many people he's going to be drawing down in afghanistan. keep in mind, we've got about 100,000 over there including 30,000 from the surge. so carney said yesterday, we don't have any idea how many yet but it sounds like tomorrow he's got the number. >> well, he's announcing tomorrow they go out to fort drum on thursday. we didn't want a long, drawn out process. either did the white house. like last time when it came to surging or not surging troops, petraeus weighed in, general petraeus weighed in last thursday. we had the state department also come in, we understand, the general will be heading up the army. also on the record now, secretary of defense gates, what will the final number be? i asked colonel oliver north 20 minutes ago.
7:03 am
he's in afghanistan. >> we ought to stay until we get the fight done and what i'm seeing out here and i've seen the progress being made over the course of the last 10 years of covering this is these soldiers are getting ready to take the fight to the enemy every single day and what they're getting is the kind of field polishing they need with the equipment they need, you need a little bit more time to make sure they can take it all on themselves. but the units they're partnered with out there are ready to receive them and these soldiers are ready to fight. >> all right. >> the l.a. times says the president is going to announce he's going to be pulling out 10,000 troops and that's significant and all the troops by 2012. that's all the surge troops by 2012. that would be huge and a lot. >> the weekly standard asks the same thing. 10,000 this summer. 10,000 early or mid next year. rest by the end of 2012. mark ambinder at the atlantic says 5,000 by the end of the
7:04 am
year. 5,000 by spring. and what's interesting is the president apparently has rejected joe biden's suggestion on what to do over there. did you hear what he wanted to do? what he wanted to do was simply move to a counterterrorism effort and end the full civil and military mission over there. >> yeah, listen, i don't know why he continues to buck his own administration on this but he's on the record as being like senator durbin who wants them out yesterday. the state department has an idea. they will not give the number of troops that we're pulling out but just pick a certain date where all the troops will come out. i don't know why we're making it public how many because the taliban either can feel heartened that we're leaving, why telegraph it at all? if you go past 5,000, you're saying to secretary of gates thanks, but i'm not listening and to general petraeus, thanks but i'm not listening. that sounds like it would be more political than something that will actually help us achieve our objectives in
7:05 am
afghanist afghanistan. >> you could be right. we'll talk to senator mccain in a little while and he has said he believes we need to move into eastern afghanistan and finish this fight with one more season and you have the issues of the network over the border being fueled from pakistan and, you know, they hear this -- this deadline, they're likely to just hang back a little while and wait until those troop levels are lower and then what kind of position does that put our troops in? as the network waits for us to be a little bit more vulnerable. >> stand by, the president will give us a number tomorrow. you'll see it here on fox. all right. martha? >> let's get a look at some of the rest of the headlines this morning and we'll start with the extreme weather alert, brand new video into "fox & friends" this morning. look at this. aurora, nebraska, check on close one storm chaser got to this one. >> coming right at us. it's coming right at us, guys! >> there are at least 12 reports of tornadoes in nebraska and kansas. and in norton, kansas, talk about a wild ride.
7:06 am
strong winds knocked over a huge tractor-trailer. amazingly, the driver walked away, thankfully with just a few scratches in that tough situation and also some video coming out of atlanta that we want to show you this morning. look at this. a delta flight had to make an emergency landing. plane had just taken off for los angeles late last night, the pilot said uh-uh, we're going back. got an engine problem. he landed safely. three people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. not sure how that happened with the landing. they were coming down the emergency slides is when they were injured. witnesses say they saw crews spraying the engine with water. good job by that pilot. thanks to him for that. new video coming in of first lady michelle obama arriving in south africa. the trip will focus on education, democracy and female leadership in south africa. unknown if she'll meet with former south african president nelson mandela who is, we are told, in frail health. those are the pictures of them
7:07 am
arriving when they got to south africa. so while you were sleeping, new york congressman anthony weiner's resignation became official. that's right, folks. weiner's 14 years in congress ended with a short letter to new york's governor and secretary of state, house speaker john boehner and nancy pelosi. there's an enthusiastic signature on the bottom of that. i hereby resign of the house of representatives. tourist have taken to gathering outside of weiner's office to take a picture in front of his plaque. >> with your kids? >> yeah. i saw a young girl -- it looks like interns gathering around the plaque. i said wouldn't you be excited if your daughter went and did an internship and said hey, mom and dad, i got a picture tape in front of his plaque. >> it abruptly came to an end, i don't know why, that internship. let's talk about governor christie. he's someone whose plain talking ways have gotten republicans really excited and kind of pushed in many cases to run for president. why is that?
7:08 am
because he says it like it is and he's in a predominantly democratic state and doesn't mind speaking his mind and paying a political price. perhaps. >> here's the thing. and famously in the last year or two, he's taken on the teachers union because he says he's trying to save the unions and last year, he asked them to simply kick in more for their pension and also their health care and they said no, we're not going to take a pay freeze for one year to save a whole bunch of money. >> what did he have to take to go at teachers for? >> millions of dollars in state aid have been, you know, taken away but then the state supreme court said you got to put it back in. here's the thing. trying to do it for the safe budget. when you cross the line and go from policy to talking about his children, he takes that very seriously. listen to this excerpt from the show. >> you don't send your children to public schools. you send them to private schools so i was wondering why you think
7:09 am
it's fair to be cutting school funding to public schools. >> what's her name, guys? >> what is it? >> gayle. talk to gayle. >> first off, it's none of your business. i don't ask you where you send your kids to school, don't bother me about where i send mine. secondly, i pay $38,000 a year in property taxes for a public school system predominantly in mendham that my wife and i don't choose to utilize. we believe, we've decided as parents that we believe a religious education should be part of our children's everyday education. so we send our children to parochial school. third, i as governor am responsible for every child in this state. not just my own and the decisions that i make are to try to improve the educational opportunities of every child in this state. so with all due respect, gayle, it's none of your business. >> there you have it. >> he could have had a billion dollars from education funding in the state and then supreme court decision forced him to give back $500 billion in some of that funding but over the
7:10 am
years, you can track it, with every increasing dollar that's been given to the education system in new jersey, the testing levels have declined and the government has looked at the situation and said throwing money at the situation has not improved it and looking for a different way to improve the whole education system in negligenew jers jersey. i love when he says what's her name? all right, gayle! >> time for a time-out. e-mail us what you think about the governor, that's still to come, senator john mccain under heavy fire for blaming his burning state on illegal aliens. this morning, he's here to respond live. >> and congressman darrell issa here next with the evidence that ties a top government official to a deadly operation. putting u.s. guns in the hands of mexican drug cartels. losing your chex mix too easily? time to deploy the chex mix boring potato chip decoy bag. now no one will want to steal the deliciousness. with a variety of tastes and textures, only chex mix is a bag of interesting.
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7:13 am
>> operation fast and furious, the government is attempting to track illegal weapon sales along our southern border may have cost the border agent brian terry his life and now may cost
7:14 am
the head of the atf ken melson his job. he's expected to resign today. congressman darrell issa is the chairman of the house committee on oversight and government reform and will release documents showing melson's involvement in the troubled operation. big hearings last week. welcome, chairman. first off, should melson lose his job? >> he should. he was part of the bad judgment. it wasn't just him. they had to go to justice to get money and to get f.b.i. agents and all the other people to help coordinate this and get the wiretaps they used. this was a program so stupid from the start like everyone, you said, track. what they did was not track. they videotaped when the purchase was made. they tracked for an hour or two and then they were ordered to break away and didn't see the guns again until they arrived at a crime scene usually in mexico. in the case of brian terry at a crime scene well into arizona in the u.s. these guns did not necessarily go into mexico. >> the guns were sold in the u.s. and we wanted to track them dow mexico to have an idea of
7:15 am
where they go and who was buying them. that was the intent of the project. who is the person who came up with this plan? >> from what we can tell, it did sort of develop at atf but as they got approval many of the atf agents said no, this is stupid. we don't let guns walk. they were punished for it. there were preprisals. our whistle blowers are long standing atf agents who said this is wrong and they were punished for doing it. >> in your mind, can the head of the atf in an acting position, could he do that on his own or in all your years of government and business management, don't you think someone higher up had to know about this, green light this? >> more than just higher up. u.s. attorneys, justice itself, all the way up to brewer at least and most importantly, even a federal judge who had to sign off on these wiretaps, the difference is you can tell a federal judge you're wiretapping
7:16 am
and don't have to tell them you're watching the guns walk and not doing anything about it. clearly at justice at high levels they knew the details because they were funding and coordinating who was on this program. >> from your best estimate, from your hearings and your research and your contacts, do you believe the attorney general eric holder knew? >> i think he should have known. it was his obligation to know. the fact that there was a "don't ask, don't tell" policy is to say he wasn't doing his job if he didn't know. >> will you pursue that to find out what he knew because you think as in management with all of your experience, he should have known. will you pursue to find out if he knew and how far to get up the chain? >> we have to get up the alternate chain. with melson leaving the top of the atf, he's being held accountable but nobody is being held accountable, u.s. attorney's office or justice, that has to change. >> there's something else that's affecting american business. at the time when economy is bad and jobs are scarce, boeing decided to put a plan into south carolina and start building. what happened?
7:17 am
>> this is the strangest distortion of u.s. law. under 1935 act, you have the ability to stop a company from retribution, from reprisals of a strike and other union activity, in this case, boeing is expanding. they've added 3,000 jobs in everett, washington, this is the seattle area plant. union jobs. they're adding 1,000 jobs in south carolina, in charleston, that happens to be a plant that voted out the union, the right to work state and they voted out the union. what's happening is nlrb has come in and said you can't add the 1,000 jobs. you have to add all 4,000 jobs in seattle. otherwise it's a reprisal. if we set a standard that if you don't continually expand on your union base, if you ever try to expand outside of your union base, it's a reprisal, it is literally the forced unionization of america. >> i want you to hear what karen maloney said at your hearing on friday. she's a democrat.
7:18 am
let's listen. >> i support creating great jobs and reducing unemployment across the united states. but i also believe that boeing is not above the law. and as members of congress, we should not set aside the law to give preferred treatment to any one company. >> above the law? if boeing wants to expand and go to south carolina for whatever reason, it doesn't -- it seems anti-american to think they can't. >> she was doing the bidding of the ranking member. clearly you can see she was reading a statement that came right out of the administration. that may be their line but that's not what the law is. it's not what 50, 60, 70 years of practice has been. if companies cannot be mixed union, nonunion and expand in the place of their choice which happens to be the low cost, high production area where people want these jobs, then america will ultimately end up exporting even more jobs.
7:19 am
"the seattle times" actually came out against this -- not lawsuit, this indictment, because very clearly, washington is looking and saying if we do this, people won't locate here to begin with because they'll be afraid they can't leave. >> you're exposing this and you're upset by this so you're examining this. where do we stand right now? are people in south carolina allowed to be hired by boeing? are they working today? >> administrative law judge has not stopped them. so boeing is going ahead. they've got a billion dollar investment there. they have people trained. what we're trying to do as oversight and reform is first expose this overstep by a so-called independent agency, all obama appointees, and then go to the next part which is offer legislation to reform this misinterpretation of the act. >> we will track your investigation. thank you very much. always great to see you from the west coast to washington to new york. thanks so much. meanwhile, straight ahead, she drowned her five children because she was depressed but andrea yates is feeling better
7:20 am
now. that's the case her lawyer will make for her early release. he's here next and what kind of bank robber demands a dollar? a guy who wants prison time. for the free health care. that's who. [ male announcer ] do you know how you will react when someone changes lanes without warning? or when you're distracted? when you're falling aeep at the wheel? do you know how you'll react? lexus can now precisely test
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7:23 am
>> all right. time now for your news by the numbers. first, a dollar. that's how much a bank robber demanded in north carolina. his plan, get put in prison and enjoy free health care. the problem is $1 theft wasn't enough to get him booked on the felony charge but still getting a doctor's visit in jail. next, 48. according to the u.s. conference of mayors that's the number of american cities that won't regain jobs during the recession until the year 2020. oh, man. finally a billion dollars,
7:24 am
that's how much the u.s. federal government is spending to keep people who lost their jobs from losing their houses. housing and urban development hoping to bail 30,000 homeowners out of pending foreclosures. martha? >> all right, steve, thank you. 10 years ago, a texas mother shocked the nation by drowning her five children in the family bathtub and then calling 911 and admitting to what she had just done. andrea yates was initially found guilty of murder but that verdict was overturned on appeal and in 2006, she was found not guilty by reason of insanity. and now, she could be released from a state hospital by november. we're joined by andrea yates' attorney, george parnham. welcome. good to have you here this morning. >> thank you very much. good to be here. >> you know, you've known andrea since the day after those murders, correct? >> i've known her since the day after the deaths of her children, yes.
7:25 am
>> what is your feeling about how she has transformed and, you know, obviously she was found guilty by reason of insanity. tell me what you -- >> she was -- >> how has she changed over the years? >> she was found not guilty by reason of insanity. not guilty. she has made remarkable progress and particularly in the last four years. she has basically adapted to her situation and let me be clear about this. this is a result of the efforts on the part of mental health advocates in our community, individuals the mental health association, the children's memorial fund, we have been very active in educating the
7:26 am
community, doctors, nurses, about the whole issue of postpartum psychosis. this has had a spillover effect, it seems to me, on the very doctors that care for her and if the recommendation medically is that she is to be considered for release in november, that is a doctor's recommendation. if the doctors don't recommend that, i'm obviously not going to pursue that. but that is something that we listen to our doctors, and -- >> we understand and she was -- you know, obviously, she suffered from a very severe mental condition and i'm just curious, when you talk about her being, you know, in better shape now. what does she say? i know it must be extremely painful but what does she say about what happened now and why do you feel that she has, you know, sort of -- that the fog has cleared to a certain extent and that she's in a better state of mind? what does she say about what
7:27 am
happened? >> i don't really want to go into attorney-client conversations. we have many, many videos that are available to the public and have been shown to the public of her evaluations during the first and second trial by the various doctors that were hired by the state and the defense so that is information that's out there. >> really quickly if you can, casy anthony is on everybody's mind right now. is there a difference in these two cases in your opinion? >> absolutely. assuming, assuming that anthony committed the offenses, we have the issue of the severity of mental illness. we have the issue of mental illness in andrea's case. and i have yet to hear anything about the mental health of this young woman causing her not to know what she's doing is wrong. >> all right. george parnham, thank you very
7:28 am
much. interesting case and we all remember, what a tragedy it was. thank you so much. >> what a tragedy. absolutely. thank you. >> all right. john mccain has been fanning the flames, drawing criticism for saying that illegals may have played a role in starting the fires that are burning across the state. the senator is here next to clarify those claims. an extra charge to print your boarding pass and then are you looking for a job? the top five companies are hiring right now. [ female announcer ] it's time to raise the bar
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fuel up, rock on. very well qualified lessees can get a low mileage lease on a chevy malibu ls for around $179 a month. fuel economy based on epa estimates. count on chevy for more out of every mile. >> did you see this? president obama and john boehner played golf against joe biden on saturday. and they won $2. just 7 trillion more rounds like this and we'll pay off that deficit in no time. >> that's jimmy fallon a short time ago just across the street. 28 minutes before the top of the hour. i got to tell you what's happening with the trial that everyone is fixated on. casey anthony's defense team will resume calling witnesses
7:33 am
this morning in her murder trial. it comes after a dramatic day in court that ended early. the judge sent everybody home! he's fed up with both the lawyers on both sides. >> enough is enough. both sides need to be forewarned that exclusion, exclusion may be the proper remedy if it continues. >> sources say he could take the stand today. he called the father after caylee disappeared. >> lawrence spear gets a dead end, police say the white pickup truck seen driving around her block the night she disappeared was not involved in her disappearance. they've tracked it down. investigators say bags of clothing taken from spierer's apartment complex was not related to the case. she's now been missing for more than two weeks. >> and a horrifying ordeal for
7:34 am
a 9-year-old girl in pakistan. police say that she was kidnapped by islamic militants and forced to wear a suicide vest loaded with bombs. she was being directed to attack a checkpoint when thankfully she escaped. however, not everyone believes her story. authorities say they had no reports of missing children. >> brian? >> just add this to the list of how airlines are nickel and diming you. starting november 1st, spirit airlines will add a $5 fee to print out your boarding pass. you can avoid paying if you print the pass at home or use a kiosk. but starting in june of next year, even printing the pass at the kiosk will cost you $1. we want you to -- we want to know what you think. friends at write us right now or twitter at "fox & friends." that's a quick look at the headlines. >> and we should point out, while they're doing that, they're reducing the rate of fares by $5 a ticket each way.
7:35 am
meanwhile, joining us right now, somebody that does a lot of flying to get back home, john mccain, senator from arizona. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. >> we know those wildfires in your state are really awful right now and they've torched thousands and thousands of acres. you, though, are in the meantime taking some heat from some critics after you said that you thought that illegals and drug smuggleers likely started some of the fires and now your critics are saying ok, senator, prove it. >> well, steve, thanks. the fact is these are the worst fires in the history of our state and we're grateful for all the firefighters and all the work that's been done. in a press conference that we held in springerville in the course of the question and answer, i mentioned what i had been briefed on by forest service official and had -- forest service had testified before congress as short time ago as 2006 and that is the fact that some of these fires are set
7:36 am
by people who cross our border illegally. 2006, they testified before congress, the forest service did and said large numbers of warming and cooking fires built and abandoned by cross border violators have caused wildfires that cost natural resources. they go on to say agencies have documented that some cross border violators also will intentionally set the version or rescue fires using uncontrolled wildfires to divert law enforcement from their illegal activities. that's a testimony before congress. that's what i was briefed on the day up there in springerville. and there is a monument fire that just took place while the forest was closed so anyone who was there was there illegally so frankly, i am puzzled by the controversy. i mean, it's well unknown. i did not say that the wildfire was caused by people who crossed
7:37 am
illegally. i just said some of these fires and that's been every documented so i'm still not clear what this is all about except for active -- activists who somehow want everybody to believe that our border is secured which it is not. >> there's a congressman from your state who said every misfortune is blamed on undocumented immigrants. >> how can i respond to that except to say that i was repeating what i was just briefed by the forest service and, you know, it's -- >> senator mccain, there's a lot of attention today about the drawdown for afghanistan. the president is expected to make this announcement tomorrow. and the numbers are all over the place from bringing home -- starting next month, 3,000 troops. all the way up to 10,000 troops and "the l.a. times" is reporting that it will be 10,000 troops. if that's the case, what's your response to that? >> well, first of all, i totally disagree with the president's announcement back in 2009 because i think it always
7:38 am
should be determined by conditions on the ground. second of all, i strongly agree with secretary gates who said repeatedly it should be a modest withdraw. that means the area on the short side. i understand from reports that there are the political side that wanted to be larger. finally, if it's in the area of withdraw of support troops, then i understand how that might be accomplished and i'd like to see the details. if it draunz down people from the surge, that would be withdrawing people before our job is finished particularly in the eastern side of afghanistan and apparently, from what we're hearing, the president wanted to split the baby. you can do that on domestic political issues. it doesn't work in national security issues. >> that was in fact what he did with the surge, right? i mean, that's what i'm thinking, he's going to find a number in between those two and sort of say he's keeping everybody happy to a certain extent. that's how he picked the number to some extent.
7:39 am
it came right down the middle for the surge. >> you're right. we were 10,000 people short that kept us from initiating extensive operations in eastern afghanistan. we concentrated on southern afghanistan and general petraeus will tell you, we've enjoyed great successes. we have a lot of problems in afghanistan. but the surge has worked in southern afghanistan and it can in the eastern part. >> and we hear there are success there but you go there more than most people. general petraeus has said 5,000, we understand. another general has come forward and said something very similar and you have secretary gates saying something very similar. if the president doesn't go with those three experts, maybe the foremost experts in our country, would you say, senator mccain that it's pure politics? >> well, i would have to say that i don't believe that the president is correct in disregarding the recommendations of the most respected individuals in america on this
7:40 am
issue of national security. secretary gates has risen to a position of prominence and credibility in america that is literally unmatched and he's been very strong and very specific about a "modest withdrawal" not to impair our ability to move into eastern afghanistan. >> let's talk a little bit about what's going on in libya and i know you talked a little bit about that on sunday morning. now it looks like your counterparts over in the house of representatives, might vote on a bill to limit financing for what's going on in libya. perhaps, later on this week. what do you think about that? >> well, i think it would be a mistake. but let me say also, i understand their frustration that we are in hostilities. when you're sending predators that kill people for the president to overall his top advisors and say we are not subject to the war powers acted, whether you happened to think it's constitutional or not and i don't think it'sonstitutional but every president has complied
7:41 am
with it. he should not -- i mean, it's just foolishness to say that we're not engaged in a way that would trigger the war powers act. so there's been this delay, there's been this to send u.s. air assets into the fight that would have brought this to an end. the frustration is understandable on the house side. and, of course, it encourages qaddafi to stay on. i believe he's going. and there's no -- i'm very positive that he is going. but this process has been far, far drawn out because the president of the united states did not want to commit our assets into the fight, air assets and we could have brought it to a conclusion a long time ago. >> we're up against a break and you have to run. i understand the men and women who are fighting this nonwar are not getting hazard pay. they were supposed to get an extra $230 a month but because it's nonhostile bombing, they don't get it. what's your response?
7:42 am
>> my response is they can't make it up. we just heard that news yesterday. we're making inquiries. it's obviously not fair. >> he's on the case. all right, john mccain joining us today from capitol hill. thank you, sir, for dropping by. >> thank you. >> you bet. >> all right. are you one of the many people who are looking for a job? coming up, the five companies that are hiring right now that you need to know about. >> get out your pencils and a reminder to the feds, don't mess with texas, the lone star state turning off the government's bright idea to control the kind of light bulbs you're allowed to buy. which one of those you have at your house? we have a choice. [ male announcer ] walls can talk.
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[ male announcer ] built like a volkswagen. the 2011 tigua [ grunts ] >> all right. let's get some quick headlines. despite a noisy protest by new
7:46 am
jersey state workers, the garden state's democratic controlled senate voted to make them pay more towards their pensions and health benefits. this is a huge development. this bill is headed for a final vote on thursday. watch that one, folks. and check this out. that is boston bruins goalie tim thomas shaving off his when is kerz. he's t -- whiskers. he's the last to shave. they did it to raise $25,000 for charity. thomas got to keep the mustache, though. there you go, ladies. >> that's a close shave. meanwhile, don't turn off our lights. what's what the state of texas is saying about the federal mandate to phase out the incandescent light bulb in favor of the more energy efficient bulbs. joe barton proposed an act to stop it. good morning to you, congressman. >> good morning. >> tell us about the better use of light bulbs act that you and some other co-sponsors are behind. >> well, martha blackburn and
7:47 am
michael burgess and myself have introduced a bill in the house that simply says you can keep -- you can keep manufacturing and using the incandescent light bulbs that thomas edison invented 100 years ago, we don't think the consumer needs to pay $4 a light bulb and we don't think the federal government should tell people what kind of lighting to use in their hands. we think the market will work and it's a lot less expensive. >> we've been talking about this on this program, this light bulb thing where the light bulb police are telling us what we're going to screw into the light fixture in the living room and the kitchen and everywhere else for about the last year. the thing about these -- like the bulb that's over my shoulder right there, these things have mercury in them. they, i believe, are made in china. and they're costing americans jobs by not using american light bulbs, right? why is the federal government telling us what we can and cannot use? >> well, i voted against it back in 2007 and spoke against
7:48 am
it so i don't have a good answer for that. but i do thank the lord that i live in texas. our legislature just passed a bill that you can still make them in texas and use them in texas and i say god bless texas. >> well, here's what a green group that natural resources defense council say. they say it just doesn't make sense that texas and governor perry would want to discourage an initiative that would save the average texas household about $100 a year and cut the energy -- the state's overall energy bill by more than $900 million. what do you say to that, sir? >> governor perry and i say texans have enough common sense to make that decision for themselves, that they don't need the federal government telling them what to do and that if the feds want to put light bulb police on the borders of oklahoma and louisiana, new mexico, let them. but we think our folks down here
7:49 am
can make a decision whether they want to use the squiggly tail cfl's for $4 a pop or the $0.40 incandescents for $0.40 a piece. >> it comes down to dollars and cents. thank you very much for joining us from dallas. >> we think we'll have the bill on the floor sometime this summer. >> we'll be watching. thank you, sir. >> you're welcome. >> 11 minutes before the top of the hour on this tuesday. chances are you or somebody you know is looking for work. well, next on the rundown, the five companies that are hiring today. so get out your pencil and paper. and nbc still not explaining why they took under god out of the pledge at the u.s. open. but laura ingraham has an explanation. she used to work at the peacock building. but first on this date back in 1980, number one song -- "funky town." [ female announcer ] ever wish vegetables
7:50 am
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7:53 am
>> we're back. we told you earlier that the nation's mayors say we won't see the jobs lost in this recession returned until 2020? that's encouraging. but there are some companies. we do have some good news here, that are actually hiring right now. and there's some pretty big names. >> that's why we woke up cheryl from the fox business network here to break down the top five companies hiring today. >> good news, finally for this show. not bringing you badmployment data. >> let's hear some good news. can we start with amazon? who are they looking for and how many? >> amazon is looking for a couple of different positions. they're looking for programmers, software programmers for the web site and they're also opening up a new distribution facility. they'll be hiring operations managers and they're also going to be looking for people that can deal with all these vendors. if you go on amazon, you can buy anything. they're not a bookseller
7:54 am
anymore. they're selling everything but they need to manage the relationships with all the different companies. that kind of stuff. >> i bought dog food on amazon. i swear to you. my dog has allergies and i was spending like $5,000 to get him dinner. >> a good interpretation of the business community for being a strong leader and willing to try new things. that is why this is no longer just a web site. it's a bricks and mortar company. it really is at this point. >> absolutely. >> another one. >> another one that everybody knows is pepsi. >> you know the name, pepsico and you probably drink their beverages. the ceo is an innovator. she believes in diversity in the workplace. she believes also that we need to change how we affect the environment with plastic bottles. they're doing a new initiative now where they're opening up the new recycling machines, vending machines and that's a whole new initiative for this year. they also are in the food business. and nobody thinks about pepsi as a food company.
7:55 am
frito-lay and they're manufacturing in making all of that in the united states. >> if you have fritos you have to brush your teeth right away. now, let's move on to general dynamics. this is a defense contract. isn't that a specialty industry? >> it is a specialty industry and just a few names. lockheed martin is one. general dynamics got a huge new contract with the navy for the mobile platform defenders and they overall have long term defense contracts to build everything. they do land. they do sea. we need to defend the country, general dynamics has a strong relationship with the u.s. government. they're dependable. they deliver on time for the most part and they're going to be building a lot of these new devices in particular, the platforms for the navy. that will be manufactured here in the good old u.s.a. out in san diego. >> what about ibm? >> big blue. ibm has been around for 100 years. can you believe that? >> i can. >> 100 years this year. and they're not just a mainframe computer company anymore. they're doing everything. they're actually getting now into video games.
7:56 am
chips for video games. everybody is in that market. so is ibm. they're working on intelligent computing. they believe that -- >> watson. >> look at watson and jeopardy, exactly. so they believe that the next phase for the united states and for jobs is to develop. >> watson did beat the humans. i had all my money on human beings. >> you don't think of this one, they're a food service and a cleaning company. if you go to ballparks across the country, they are a lot of time servicing and serving the food. they've been very successful and have more than 250,000 employees and operate in 20 countries and looking to hire. >> we'll put this whole segment on the internet. >> $5 pepsi when go you to the game and you can tie it all together. thank you very much. >> coming up straight ahead, the top secret plans to bury bin laden at sea spread like wildfire on the uss vincent. next hour, hear from a sailor who is just there on that ship and just returned to american
7:57 am
soil. >> and agents allowed to dig through your trash without a warrant? that story has fox viewers fired up and one of the most liberal media outlets in the land agrees. laura ingraham weighs in on that coming right back. "fox & friends" continues right after this. hese sweet hon cluy things have fiber? fiber one. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. uh, forgot jack's ceal. [ jack ] wt's for breakfast? uh, try the number one! i've never heard of that. [ wife ] it's great. it's a sweet honey cereal, you'll lovet. yeah, this is pretty good. are you guys alright? yeah. [ male announcer ] half aays worth of fer. not that anyone has to know. fiber beyond recognition. fiber one.
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>> martha: good morning, everybody. it is tuesday, june 21. i'm martha mccallum in for gretchen carlson. he can't raise a billion bucks on his own. so president obama is turning to the former fat cats for big campaign cash. is he worried about more than his -- is he worrying about his wallet more than your wallet, is one of the questions this morning. we'll report, you can decide. >> steve: where is my wallet? nbc still not explaining why they took "under god" out of the pledge at the u.s. open. but laura ingraham has an explanation. she used to work there and she'll be right here in moments. >> brian: who says getting older is a bad thing? why america's oldest workers are the best in the business.
8:01 am
>> steve: really? >> brian: "fox & friends" starts right now. >> steve: welcome aboard. we got martha in more gretch. good to have you. >> martha: good to be here. >> brian: engineersist jersey, jersey, not jersey. i'm not married to gail. >> steve: president obama will address the nation tomorrow on plans to start withdrawing troops from afghanistan. brian? >> brian: mike emmanuel is live at the white house. what is the white house saying ahead of the big announcement? >> the conventional wisdom is that the president will announce a small withdrawal initially of those 30,000 surge troops, maybe a few thousand or so. the question everybody will be watching for is the pace of removing the rest of those surge troops and kind of the time line he lays out.
8:02 am
i talked to several senior administration officials who says the president has not made a final decision, so they are not giving guidance and some of those sources quoting 10,000 that will come out, they say the reporting is all over the place. they're not going to play a game of what a mole, if you will. here at the white house, officially what they're saying, the president has a lot of flexibility. take a listen. >> the surge of 30,000 forces was substantial building on 68,000 that were already there. and that is a robust and substantial number of american forces. >> we know robert gates is in favor of a gradual withdrawal and as are the military commanders. but obviously the president is under political pressure from his base to speed up that withdrawal. so we will see tomorrow night. guys. >> steve: there is pressure to do more, including from some republicans, right? >> yeah, that's right. it's interesting politics because you've got the liberals
8:03 am
who want a lot of troops out of afghanistan and you also got some tea party republicans who essentially are worried about the cost during such difficult fiscal times. here is senator mike lee from utah. >> i suspect that within a few months time, we'll be down to a number that's maybe a third or a fourth that size. let's focus much more on terrorism rather than counterinsurgency. >> we know that has been something that vice president joe biden has been in favor of, switching over to a counterterrorism operation over counterinsurgency. we will see what the commander in chief says tomorrow night. >> steve: mike emmanuel, thank you for the live report. >> thank you. >> martha: let's get a look at other headlines. in two hours, former utah governor john huntsman will officially announce that he's running for president. he will make that announcement at liberty state park in new jersey. and he brings a unique background to the republican presidential field. for starters, he was president
8:04 am
obama's ambassador to china. he's known as a moderate, the son of the billionaire founder of the huntsman corporation, which is a top chemical company in utah. >> brian: he'll joining tomorrow. >> steve: new video out of nebraska, the person behind the wheel of this car practically driving into that monster twister. the national weather service working to confirm how many tornadoes touched down there. they have not been able to get a break. elm creek, that's what's left of up with home. no reports of injuries, but thousands of people waking up in the dark, no power. british police arrested a teen-ager who may have been involved in high profile attacks again the c.i.a. web page and the u.s. senate computer system. authorities saying not officially -- not officially saying he's linked to those. it was a joint effort between the u.s. and f.b.i. and british
8:05 am
authorities. very tense moments at the atlanta airport. delta flight headed for l.a. forced to turn around, they made an emergency landing after some sort of engine problem. it landed safely. three people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries from coming down the chutes. delta not confirming the reports that one of the engines caught fire. the florida marlins hired 80-year-old jock as their new interim manager. he's the second oldest manager in major league history and the oldest since 1950. a new survey says employees over 55 are more productive than their younger counterparts. they lead in categories like leadership and team work and make fewer mistakes because they're not multi tasking. >> brian: they're not trying to. >> martha: a survey finds productivity increases until age 65. isn't that interesting? >> steve: let's see how he does. let's go down to our nation's
8:06 am
capitol. laura ingraham joins us live. good morning to you. >> what about multi -- no. [ laughter ] >> martha: you're almost here fully focused. you got many years to go. >> i'm closer to the older group, thanks. >> steve: laura, the president of the united states was over at the mandarin oriental in washington yesterday for his 29th and 30th fund-raisers. keep in mind, he needs to raise a billion dollars, they say, to win reelection. but at the same time in his presidency, george bush had only had three fund-raisers at this point compared to 30 for the current p. what's going on with this guy? >> at my radio studio, we have a pool. will the gulf outings always be eclipsing the number of fund-raisers or will it go like this? it's very hard to keep up. one thing that's very interesting about this is we learn that the president is really, really good at raising
8:07 am
money. so i think there are a lot of opportunities for him in the work force and he could do probably really well at some type of philanthropic effort where you can raise money. but the thing that is not going so well, unfortunately for the american people and the american workers, is the economy. i mean, we need jobs and we need a sense of real hope and optimism that the country is going to remain preeminent in the world and this is just politicking. he's good at politicking. unfortunately, the other stuff, i think people are having second thoughts. >> brian: he set the record last time. he was introducing himself to the country, trying to beat hillary clinton and tried to -- i get that. but why does he need a billion dollars now? we all know the president. he can appear in most places free and he'll pack the house. this is a time when you cut your expenses in half i thought! >> he didn't pack the house in florida. he had a couple of half empty arenas when he spoke recently. but i think it goes to the level of internal panic that is
8:08 am
actually happening in the no drama obama camp. they're saying they've thrown everything at this economy. they tried the stimulus, auto bailout, all that stuff and it ended up not working. jay carney will go on every day saying the economy is working, geithner will say something half heartedly positive. but it's not trickling down to the people. so right now they don't really have any more tricks in their little bag. so they have to go back on the campaign trail, try to rekindle some of the emotional magic with the old obama razzle dazzle, the personal narrative, talking a lot about his family, did a big father's day push, moving the summer -- that's kind of what they're good at. i don't know what else they really talk about because they can't talk about the record. the record is pretty abysmal when it comes to the home front. so they're doing what they're good at. >> martha: all right. laura, how about this? nbc, we all listened to the open that they did, it was a lovely patriotic montage at the u.s. open over the weekend.
8:09 am
but when it gets to the point in the pledge where it's about to say "one nation under god," it kind of goes blank. they did it twice. now they've issued an apology. you used to work there, what do you think about all that? >> you know, it doesn't surprise me really because over at the peacock, there can be quite a concern for avoiding, offending certain minority groups and kind of not worrying about what the overwhelming majority of americans think. and the apology came out and so forth. i think what's interesting was that there was an immediate outcry among the american people on twitter! that was hilarious. now all the social networking is used to expose the hypocrisy outrage. it's not even political correctness. it's just stupid. it would have been more entertaining if they had bleeped it out to really get their message across that god is a
8:10 am
four letter word now. so that would have been fun. >> steve: we've been talking about how the department of justice is talking about allowing f.b.i. agents to go through your trash and do different things to make their jobs easier. there are all sorts of groups saying, you're kidding? you can't do that. now it looks like the new york sometimes -- we were outraged the day it came out here at fox. you can't really do that. now the editorial page of the "new york times" has joined us in saying this is a coo khameni idea. >> first of all, when they went through your trash, all they found was a bunch of old skittle packages. >> steve: not the green ones. >> nothing interesting in your trash at all. look, the question is whether any of this amounts to unlawful search and seizure under the 4 amendment. it makes me incredibly uncomfortable when the government moves forward to encroach on our personal liberty without any real public discussion and debate. and these policies are not
8:11 am
public. some senators want they will to be public now. and it feels wrong. you get the sense that one day we're going to wake up and look around and say, what happened to our freedom? what about to our liberty? it's usually eroded gradually. that's what people are concerned about. you don't have a heightened necessarily interest in your trash once it's put out in the public domain. but there are lots of other things in these new policies, surveillance of individual groups without cause and so forth that i think we need to talk about before these things are just pushed through. i'm glad grassley is on this and that the senate is asking tough questions and fox is right. these are our liberties and our freedoms and weighing security concerns and you balance them against privacy interests, it has to be sensible that protects the interests of law abiding americans. it concerns me. i think fox is right to be concerned. >> steve: it must drive the "new york times" nuts. >> no, they're going to come out
8:12 am
tomorrow, brian and martha and completely turn tail. reverse. >> brian: thanks so much for making our tuesday so extra special. >> martha: good to see you. >> thanks, guys. >> martha: if you go through mine, will you take it out, please? >> brian: meanwhile, don't try to trap him in a trick question. >> you know what, first off, it's none of your business. i don't ask you where you send your kids to school. don't bother me about why i send mine. >> martha: governor christie doesn't hold back. you know that, right? that's coming up. >> steve: and judge perry, the new pin-up boy for tough justice, peter johnson, jr. up next with the very latest on the judge in the casey anthony case. he ain't no ito.
8:13 am
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>> steve: the judge in the casey anthony murder trial losing
8:16 am
patience with the attorneys on both sides. >> if y'all don't want to act professional, then i will work you real full days. >> steve: he stopped both sides. what was that about? fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. is following the trail. what happened there? >> judge perry working them. i think he said, maybe i was too tough on the defense side last week. let's spread the love around and the truth is, this is what america likes to see in terms of a judge. >> steve: somebody in control. >> they're working six days a week, they're in control. they're saying, listen, stop with the games, both of you. you're going to come in 8:30, we're going to work full days saturday. i've got sequestered jurors, they're not at home, they're staying in a motel and this is important. he fined the defense attorney $583 early in the trial. he's known for holding people in
8:17 am
contempt. he's also known, i think eight out of eight capital murder cases, for sentencing the convicted defendant to death. so he's a no nonsense guy. his father was one of the first african-american police officers in orlando. what his father was -- when his father was a police officer, as an african-american, he could not arrest white people. this man, this judge could not get a job as a lawyer after graduating law school. so he's come up the hard way and he's trying to do it in a disciplined, orderly way in the courtroom. >> steve: one of the things is, any time one of these things is televised, you always wonder who is playing to the camera. this guy, i mentioned he was the anti--ito. he was playing to the cameras, well, i'm going to do this and that. this guy is solid and in control. >> he's in control and some folks are wondering whether the defense counsel made a mistake. there was a judge strickland who was asked to be recused earlier
8:18 am
allegedly based on conversations with a blogger. but the judge before is a roman catholic and morally opposed to the death penalty. so some folks are worried, well, why did you jump from that one guy to a judge who is imposing this kind of discipline and who has no problem as a former prosecutor and as a judge who sentenced people to death eight times. a lot of americans are saying, god, i wish when i go to court, the courts run in this kind of orderly, straightforward way where we know what we're getting. this is a judge who is speaking what he's feeling, who is trying to keep the trial under control and at the same time, i'm sure this jury loves him because he's saying, listen, i'm worried about you and the time that you're spending and your abilities in judging this case fairly. there is a down side, if you're too tough, that's always a basis for mistrial. so i think he's trying to hue
8:19 am
the line to be tough to both sides. that may have been what yesterday was about. pox on both your houses. >> steve: he's doing a great job because the whole country is watching this trial. peter, always a pleasure. >> keep watching. >> steve: see you tomorrow. meanwhile, the top secret plan to bury bin laden at sea spread like wild fire on the uss vincent next hour, hear from a sailor who was there who just returned to american soil and what he can tell us about it. then take a look at this, parishioners get a real communion with nature and it's caught on camera. we'll explain it. 
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
>> martha: happy summer. here are quick headlines. an autopsy is underway to see if booze played a part in jackass star ryan dunn's death. the 34-year-old was killed in a car crash outside philly. speed may have been a factor. the actor tweeted this picture of himself drinking before that crash. and it was a real communion with nature for parishioners in north carolina. a deer broke through a window at the colonial baptist church and started running wild. kids raced through the halls trying to get away from it. eventually the young buck found its way out the door. that was good. brian, over to you. >> brian: when you said young buck, i thought of myself. he was aboard the uss vincent, the ship that carried out the plan to bury osama bin laden at sea. they weighted him down and dropped him overboard. bill home after a seven-month deployment. thank you for your service. good to have you home.
8:24 am
you came home june 15. what was is like pulling into san diego? >> good morning, brian. thanks for having me on. it was great. every time you come back from deployment, it's a fantastic event. this one was no more special, but definitely just as great as the rest of them. >> brian: i could imagine when you come back home, you have to sit there at attention as you pull up to port. is it tough looking down, seeing your family you haven't seen in seven months, in some cases children you haven't met yet, and then staying at attention? >> yeah, it's about an hour that we remain on the rails. that's a long trip. especially when you know that you've got family members on the pier you've been waiting to see for a long time. it's pretty fun. but it's challenging. >> brian: master chief, uss vincent for seven months, had a lot of operations. every day was a workday. most people are going to remember and history will chronicle the fact that it was your ship where bin laden's body
8:25 am
was brought to, was dressed, we understand, and then was ceremonyiously tossed overboard. what could you tell us about that night? what did you know? >> i can tell you absolutely nothing about that night. that's just a subject that we as a crew are not going to discuss. our captain has made it very clear to us that the details are not ours to give and so that's just a subject we're typically and commonly not going to talk about. >> brian: could you tell me, did you know he was on board, that there was something going on or did you just say, i guess we're just tossing some carp overboard? >> honestly, we just had no clue. because of that, that's a reason. we stay in our lane. that's what we're going to do. those of us who don't know anything about any event are not going to talk about it and i think that's a safe way to do business. >> brian: how did you eventually find out? >> i found out about the fact
8:26 am
that osama bin laden was killed over the news. >> brian: what were your thoughts? >> you know, a large portion of our crew joined the navy after 9-11 and i think that goes for a large portion of the military. so what that means to me is that a lot of these sailors and soldiers and marines and airmen, they join the military knowing that they were going to essentially go to war. that's different than when i joined in 1989. my purpose was far darn than that. a -- different than that. maybe of these sailors, maybe they joined to get a college education, but they also joined knowing they were going to war. for them, i think any part that they can play -- was significant because they showed a degree of courage just raising the right hand they did. >> brian: we thank you for your service. you and everybody else who served with you. but you know wherever you go, from the deli to the diner, when you say they served on the uss vincent, they're going to say, isn't that the ship where bin laden's ship was brought?
8:27 am
you know that. >> that question has been asked a lot and been brought up a lot. i think we've come to expect it. i'm really proud of the people that i serve with because it's a tough position every single time they're asked that question. but i think they're doing really well with it and i think we've been very well prepared by our chain of command for that also. it's a question that we anticipate and i'm sure they'll keep coming for a long time. >> brian: as we saw your family picture and saw the ship pull in, on june 15 as we showed video, you realize the sacrifice the family makes as well as those who serve because they have to make -- life has to go on without you. and that is never easy and now that you're back, i can imagine the reunion makes it more special. thank you so much, master chief bill haul hahn. >> thank you, brian. >> brian: the head of the atf about to get fired, accused of putting weapons in the hands of leaders in mexico. but didn't eric holder know
8:28 am
about this. eric charging $5 for printing your boarding pass. just call hip the ultimate ladies' man. scarlet johansson to jessica biel, vilmer valderama pinked to the most beautiful girls in hollywood. i want to know his secret ng out in the kitchen. ng out in the kitchen. you love the aroma of beef tenderloin, don't you? you inspired a very special dog food.
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>> steve: all right. on this tuesday morning, let's talk about this program. a while back, somebody at the atf figured out all these guns are getting into mexico and getting into the hands of the drug cartels. why don't we sell an illegally large number of them under the cover to straw people, they'll filter down to the drug cartels and then we will somehow try to trace them to figure out who is smuggling the guns. >> brian: like marlin perkins and "wild kingdom" when you track a leopard. >> steve: they put 2,000 semiautomatic rifles out there that wound up in the hands of the drug cartels. at least one border patrol agent was killed in that. now people are going, this is a bad idea. there is a fellow who was killed along the mexican border. and now it sounds like the acting director of the atf, who
8:33 am
was routinely briefed on it will lose his job. >> martha: darryl issa has been asking questions about who knew about that program and who authorized it. the president and the attorney general, eric holder, both said they did not authorize that program. here is what darryl issa said earlier when asked about whether he should lose his job. >> he should. he was part of the bad judgment. when i say bad judgment, it wasn't just him. they had to go to justice to get money, to get f.b.i. agents, all the other people that helped coordinate this and to get the wire taps they used. this was a program so stupid from the start, like everyone you said, track. what they did was not track. they videotaped when the purchase was made, they tracked for an hour or two, and then they were ordered to break away and they didn't see the guns again until they arrived at a crime scene usually in mexico. >> brian: the question is, how high did it go up? when any acting atf did this on his own and people said this is
8:34 am
stupid, i don't want to do it, they got in trouble for being whistle blowers. so the question is, he loses his job. did it go up to the attorney general? they have no proof of that. andrew traver will be the new guy because the attorney general is going out to interview him in his chicago office. >> steve: the family of brian terry wants whoever is involved in this prosecuted. the country of mexico wants an investigation to figure out what the heck were they thinking. >> martha: there is brian terry. we watched his family, very emotional testimony on capitol hill. let's get a look at some of the headlines. new video coming to the news room from russia as investigators are combing through the wreckage of that plane crash. somehow eight people survived after the plane crashed just short of the runway and exploded into a fire ball. the flight from moscow was trying to land in a russian city when it hit heavy fog and slamd into a highway. 44 people were killed. >> steve: meanwhile, senator john mccain taking heat over
8:35 am
comments about the wild fires in his home state of arizona. he said there was evidence that some of the fires may have been started by illegals. earlier on this program, he defended those comments. >> so i am puzzled by the controversy. i mean, it's well-known. i did not say that the wild fire was caused by people who crossed illegally. i just said some of these fires and that's been amply documented. >> steve: the senator also says he was told by the u.s. forest service, illegal immigrants do set some fires as well. >> brian: update about the story about delta airlines slapping u.s. soldiers with extra baggage fees on their return home from afghanistan. >> he had to pay out of pocket, our own money, to allow that fourth bag to be taken. >> how much did we end up paying out of pocket? >> over $2,800. >> brian: wow. california congressman wants to
8:36 am
make sure that never happens again. you got republican jeff denim calling for commercial airlines to waive baggage fees for u.s. troops deployed. they would risk losing their government contracts. martha? >> martha: how about this, a woman from new jersey named gail was blasted by a full force gale. governor chris christie, here is what happened when she asked why he's cutting funding for public schools and putting his children in private schools. watch this. >> you know what, first off, it's none of your business. i don't ask you where you send your kids to school. don't bother me about where i send mine. secondly, i pay $38,000 a year in property taxes for a public school system that my wife and i don't choose to utilize because we believe, we decided as parents that we believe a religious education should be part of our children's everyday education. so we send our children to parochial school. >> martha: governor christie went to public high school in livingston. those are your headlines.
8:37 am
that was a spirited back and forth this morning. >> steve: did you say spirited? >> martha: i did. >> steve: let's talk about spirit airline, they're a discount air fare outfit where you can fly places for $9. i was looking at their site earlier. here is how they're able to do it. they cut back on everything. but they charge you for everything and starting shortly, if you go to the airport and you want somebody there at spirit airlines to print your boarding pass, they are going to charge you $5 each way, but at the same time they're going to reduce the rate of the fare by $5 if you print your own at home. >> brian: i don't know what the point of that is. just a way to nickel and dime you to death. >> martha: did you say the flight was $9? >> steve: there are flights where -- >> martha: so if you want to print out your boarding pass, then you can go for 4 bucks? you're going to complain about 9-dollar air fare?
8:38 am
>> brian: yes, he will. it would bother me. listen, here is what doug in california says, forget the print your boarding pass at home, 5-dollar charge. forget your head phone, 5-dollar charge. they charge for every little thing. >> martha: that's good. >> steve: from the twitter machine, ridiculous. are they going to charge for the air we breathe, too? >> brian: that gets you sick. >> steve: if they could figure a way, maybe. here is another one. >> martha: that's so absurd. we already pay for the ticket, checked bags and now boarding passes? toilet use and flush fee is coming next. >> steve: but keep in mind, if you want to save an extra five bucks, print it at home. i also understand that going forward, i think starting next year, if you use the little airport kiosk, it's going to be a buck. >> brian: kiosks and atm run our economy. >> steve: but at the same time -- if you're complain being a kiosk charging you to dollar
8:39 am
to print something, every time you use an atm and it's not your bank, how much is that, two bucks? >> martha: sometimes $5 to get your own money out. all right. he's the longest serving governor in the united states. but is he ready for the white house? the most critical political moves rick perry needs to make right now if he indeed going to become a serious contender in this. >> brian: you know him from that '70s show. there are a few things you don't know about wilmer valderrama. he's here next.
8:40 am
we're going to head on into the interview. krystal. . . krystal . . . what lead to your decision to go with the fusion? i just keep on going back to looks; it's a great looking car. how do your co-workers feel about your decision?
8:41 am
they were the ones who were against ford. they were like they're a truck company. for the most part i am pretty sure i have changed most everyone's mind. krystal, you seem pretty comfortable up there, are you sure you haven't done this before? umm. . . i did 8th grade telecommunications class. inside all of us is a compass and it always points true north. toward mountains of sand. townew sights and sensations. toward the true bounty of nure so let's set our compass for traverse city and find ourselves. in the magic, and the moments of pure michigan. your trip begins at
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>> steve: now it's time for your news by the numbers. first, one billion dollars. that's how much the u.s. federal government is spending to keep people who have lost their jobs from losing their homes now.
8:43 am
housing in urban development hoping to bail 30,000 homeowners out of foreclosure. next, 12. midnight. that's when new york congressman anthony wiener's resignation became official. it ended with a short letter to new york's governor and secretary of state. finally, 1,289,000,000, $662,081. that's how much money the 1977 movie "star wars" made, earning it the title of top grossing summer film of all time. today, of course, is the first day of summer. it starts at 1:16 this afternoon. >> martha: we need to remember that. all right. texas governor rick perry wowed a new orleans crowd saturday. he exited the stage to chance of run, rick, run. while he says he will wait until the end of the texas legislative session to make a decision.
8:44 am
there are a lot of rumors that his group is firing up a white house run. joining me now is the director for the center of politics at the university of pennsylvania. professor, good morning, good to see you. >> good morning. how are you? >> martha: i'm doing just great. at the university of virginia is what i meant to say. professor. >> pennsylvania is a nice state, too. no problem. >> martha: i've been up early. i'm not used to this. let's take a look at rick perry from over the weekend. i want to get your thoughts on his potential run. >> doesn't matter what your zip code is or where you're from, we're alieneesing the same challenges in america. i stand before you today a disciplined conservative texan, a committed republican and a proud american, united with you in the desire to restore our nation and revive the american dream! >> martha: larry, sure sounds like a campaign speech to me. >> you're absolutely right. that is a heck of a stump speech. in fact, it was the best speech
8:45 am
given at the rlc meeting and it got the best response. look, the old infatuation was chris christie. the new infatuation is rick perry. i think people on the republican side finally accepted that chris christie is not going to run. perry is giving indications, but notice what his people are saying. they're not saying that it's beyond 50/50 right now. but you have to be all in to run for president. so i'll believe it when i see it. >> martha: yeah. but as you point out, there was a sense that there was another candidate needed in this race for republicans to get sort of a good pick. >> yes. the enthusiasm that you're seeing for perry, i think would have been there for anyone on the conservative side who has the views that perry has and the experience level. he's seen as a serious candidate. he's the longest serving governor in the united states right now, and republicans are looking for someone who presents a real contrast with president
8:46 am
obama on the economy. mitt romney is trying to be that contrast and he has good points to make there. others are doing the same thing, but rick perry has had one of the best job creation records during his time as governor in texas. so that's a good contrast with the job deficit on the national level during the obama administration. >> martha: so if rick perry decides to run, who is that bad news for in the current slate of candidates? >> if i had to pick one, i would have to pick governor tim pawlenty of minnesota. not to beat up on him. he's a tough couple of weeks with difficult debate performance. but he has been the one fading. look, it's early. he can come back. he's got a lot of strong supporters. but if perry gets in, perry kind of fills the slot as the opposition candidate to mitt romney who is seen as the front runner. you can call him a strong front runner or a weak front runner, but he's the front runner.
8:47 am
so you end up normally in a nomination race with a one on one eventually. it takes a few primaries and caucuses. so tim pawlenty would possibly be moved aside for someone like rick perry. >> martha: talk about money and organization and any potential road blocks that rick perry may face at this point as he figures this out. >> this is a very tough thing, running for president. that's why so many people who might win the race in november don't run for the nomination. perry is not known as somebody who wants to get in there and do that daily grind. i think they'll have to talk him into it to a certain degree if he does run. he's way behind on building the organization you need in states like iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, nevada, florida. he's way behind on fundraising. these other candidates aren't stopping, standing still, waiting for rick perry. they've been out there raising millions and millions of dollars, putting together those organizations in the key states. so he would start well behind.
8:48 am
and he's already saying, i'm going to take a few more weeks to make up my mind. well, that's going to be that much further behind. >> martha: how important is the support of people like the bushes, who it's been said, the bush family does not have is a great relationship with the governor who took over after president bush became president? >> it matters. you're absolutely correct. there is no love lost there. i wouldn't call them out and out shooting enemies, but i don't think they're very friendly either. that's certainly all the reports we've heard coming out of texas. so yeah, it makes a difference. now, look, it can cut both ways in a nominating process. the republican party while i don't think it's anti-bush at all, i think it mass favorable views of president bush, both of them, it's moved on. it's actually become more conservative since the bush years. they've looked back at those years and they've seen too much spending, they've seen in some respects, a foreign policy that they're starting to question.
8:49 am
so that doesn't necessarily hurt perry. >> steve: all right. >> martha: thank you, sir. always good to see you. >> thank you. >> martha: let's send it over to brian with a special guest. >> brian: that's an example of someone who wants the summer off. you know him from "that '70s show" first. but there are a few things you don't know about wilmer valderrama. right? he's never met bill hemmer in person and still that, dream remains unfulfilled. bill, you have to tell us what's coming up next hour. >> hit him harder there, brian. i saw that elbow you gave. >> brian: he doesn't hit back on camera. >> good morning to both of you. enter john huntsman, america is about to hear his pitch for president for the very first time and we will have that for you live today. rick santorum throwing darts at just about everyone. we'll ask him about that. sunburn while driving. the experts say it's real. we'll see you in ten minutes.
8:50 am
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8:53 am
>> steve: look at that. >> brian: that, of course, is me. best known for his role in "the '70s show" and now headed back to the small and big screen. >> steve: wilmer valderrama here on the curvy couch. that brings back happy memories. >> it does. my knees really hurted. but that was so funny to remember that episode. i remember the creators of the show were like, hey, do you know how to dance? i was like, i know how to salsa. so they wrote this awesome episode and we did this sequence there and it turned out to be a memorable thing. >> steve: you moved on to something really contemporary. you're working with tom hanks
8:54 am
and julia roberts. >> yeah. i got really lucky there. i'm really excited. i hadn't done comedy in such a long time and i waited for the right project and larry crown came around and i joined the cast with julia roberts. >> steve: any big stars in it? >> it was so funny, i went to the table read of this movie and everyone either has oscars or emmys and i didn't feel that bad. but it's really a blessing to be able to count them as friends. >> steve: you have the phone number in your blackberry? >> brian: let's call them right now. that will be a wonderful surprise. was this movie good? all i see is a few promos. >> it's july 1. that's one of those movies that has a very relevant topic to
8:55 am
today. everyone is suffering from something, from especially from the economy, and i think this movie is one of those that reminds me that there is always time to reinvent yourself and always time to find that groove back and what a better hero to remind you of this than tom hanks. that's a movie very endearing, but very funny. seeing him come back to his comedic days is awesome. >> brian: is julia roberts hot in person? >> she's one of the most beautiful women alive. >> steve: we don't have to tell you, we read about you in the papers and the magazines. you've dated a lot of hollywood's most beautiful stars and what not. do you have any advice for people -- like our crew, for example? >> martha: you have to look like this for starters. have an adorable smile and that's how you do it. right? >> no. i mean, i refer to comment on any of that really. by the way, i don't even know about scarlet, she's a good friend of mine. but anyhow. >> steve: then let's talk about
8:56 am
gum. [ laughter ] >> steve: what happens today at noon at 42nd and times square? >> spain has their running of the bulls. we're going to have here in new york city our first running of the rams. it's going -- >> martha: he's getting nervous hanging around with us. >> it's a kickoff of their incredibly long lasting campaign. a bunch of information on the facebook page and it will be a fun day. >> steve: 'cause you and 50 guys will be running through the streets of new york. >> brian: are you actually working to make gum more lasting >> steve: stick around. we'll continue the conversation in two minutes. you're watching "fox & friends." losing your chex mix too easily? time to deploy the chex mix boring potato chip decoy bag.
8:57 am
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and all we need to do is change the way we're thinking about them. a couple decades ago, we didn't even realize just how much natural gas was trapped irocks thounds of feet below us. technology has made it possible to safely unlock this cleanly burning natural gas. this deposits can provide us with fuel for a hundred years, providing energy security and economic growth all across this country. it just takes somebody having thidea, and that's where the discovery comes from.
8:59 am
>> steve: all right. wilmer valderrama will join us in the after the show show. ha

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